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   WELCOME             TO            TEAM REESE

The purpose of this site is to update family and friends on Reese's journey through brain surgery, Proton therapy, Chemotherapy and recovery. 

Your thoughts, prayers, support, and well wishes throughout this journey will stay with us forever. 

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Below is the story of the unthinkable. We never thought our happy, sweet, kindhearted little boy would have a brain tumor and our lives would be changed forever. 

Beginning in September 2018, Reese started vomiting in the morning and complaining of stomach pain. 
We pushed and pushed to figure out the cause, including a visit to a Pediatric GI specialist. Unfortunately, he was not able to identify anything wrong such as ulcers, acid reflux etc. However, he did prescribe an Upper GI with Barium and said we could get a MRI of the head.  
Reese wasn’t feeling well enough to go to school during the last week of October, but was able to gather enough strength to go Trick or Treating on Halloween 2018. He had such a great time running into a few of his friends. He seemed extra tired that night and went to bed early, without eating his candy.  
The next day (11/1/18), we had an MRI of the head scheduled in the afternoon thinking we should just do it to be sure.
The MRI took an hour longer than planned, and when we finally got the MRI results late that night, a 4cm mass at the base of his brain was discovered. The mass turned out to be a malignant tumor blocking the fluid from draining in his brain, ultimately causing his nausea.
We were admitted to Lurie’s that evening and emergency surgery was performed the next morning on 11/2.  Surgery resulted in a full resection of a Group 4 Medulloblastoma (an aggressive form of Cancer) from 4th ventricle.  
Post-surgery however, resulted in Reese having Posterior Fossa Syndrome. It is a form of mutism and he has had to relearn how to move all of his body, swallow to eat (feeding tube), talk and even open his eyes to see. Other than nausea, Reese seemed and felt perfectly normal in every way prior to surgery.
4-5 days post-surgery Reese stopped all movement and communication. It was 31 days post-surgery until he said his first word. 47 days till he was able to eat his first bite of real food. He is able to walk with maximum assistance, so currently he is in a wheel chair. He has weakness on his right side, his dominant side, so his right arm has limited movement and strength. 
A scared little boy went into surgery (to remove a “bump”) with the only symptom being nausea and woke up not being able to see, talk, eat or communicate. 
Reese stayed at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital from 11/1/18 until 11/20/18, and was transported to Marion Joy Rehabilitation Hospital. Which was located close to where he was to begin Proton Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy.  

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Reese on NBC Nightly News

A huge thank you to Horace Mann Elementary for such an amazing welcome back rainbow parade!

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