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Just Because - poem by Reese

Sharing a poem Reese wrote at school this week and a quick update. Sometimes it's easy to forget what he faces each and every day.

Just Because

Just because I have a walker

doesn't mean I can't have fun

can do what other people do

can be a friend to you

Over Spring Break in Colorado Springs, Reese swam 50 meters unassisted in a pool to become certified to swim on his own. We did not know this was a requirement to swim when we went and totally unexpected. However Reese did not hesitate and tried, not knowing if he could do it. The elation and joy upon completing the swim was energizing to say the least.

We are so proud of you Reese!

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Lisa M Lawless
Lisa M Lawless
Dec 31, 2022

Every one of you amaze me with your strength and love. The joy and hope your family brings to the world is unbelievable! XOXO


Kelley Clink
Kelley Clink
Apr 09, 2022

Reese! What a gorgeous poem. And congrats on the swim! Hope we get to swim with you this summer! :)

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