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Upcoming MRI, Surgery Update and Thank You

Hi everyone!

Reese has an MRI tomorrow, Sunday May 16th so please keep him in your thoughts. Hoping for another NED result!

Reese‘s port removal surgery went well last Friday. There were no complications and Reese has been feeling better every day.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a Team Reese! The response was amazing and we are so grateful to have such wonderful people supporting Reese and his recover.

Lastly, we hope you all are looking forward to getting back to some sense of normal as much as we are this summer. We are planning a vacation to Belize as our first vacation as a family since Reese’s treatment completion. Reese’s only request was to fly first class so he could drink as much fruit punch as he wanted. I think we can make that work. ;)

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1 Comment

Thinking of you Today Reese! And holy smokes, those glasses are fantastic. 🤓

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