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Reese’s Make a Wish was granted

What. A. Week!

Last week the Siler family traveled to San Diego to visit Legoland and spend time with a Lego Master Builder.

A heartfelt thank you to the Illinois and San Diego Make A Wish teams (Sara G., Kelli L., Carly F., Liesl B.,) for coordinating a once in a lifetime experience. A special thanks to Reese's Wish Grantors (Stephanie H. and Katie K.) for your guidance and support along the way.

Reese and Caden got a behind the scenes tour of the Builder Shop and Reese built a personalized version of himself that went on permanent display in the Legoland park! Reese kept the one he built, and Caden built a replica that was placed in the park. They also rode their very first rollercoaster.

But wait, there's more! In addition to Legoland, we spent a day at Sea World and another at the San Diego zoo. While at Sea World, the boys continued their adventure and rode several big time roller coasters and saw an Orca show. While at the Zoo, we took a trip on the Sky Tram across the property and saw, Elephants and Snow Leopards.

While the weather in San Diego was cooler than Chicago, it did not stop the boys from swimming in the pool and racing down waterslides. They enjoyed every minute of the trip.

All in all, it was an emotional, exciting, thrilling, fun filled adventure that as Reese puts it, "there's a lot of color in Legoland, I loved riding the rides, so many details in the park. The best part was meeting the Master Builder and making a mini figure of me and placing it in Mini Lego New York City. This is the best Wish trip ever!"

While wearing our Make-A-Wish shirts and buttons many families shared with us how they have been touched by Make-A-Wish.

We are blessed to have such an experience and unforgettable memories.

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Me gusta

Kelley Clink
Kelley Clink
15 may 2023

Amazing!!! Sounds like so much fun!

Me gusta

Randy McCord
Randy McCord
15 may 2023

WOW, what a trip! Y'all look so happy with Lego-Builder. And the other stops are every boy's dream. I'll bet Reese had to tell everyone to "keep up!"

Me gusta
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