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Happy Spring!

We hope this message finds you all doing well and as ready for going to the store without a mask as we are!

Reese has been working hard during therapy and at school where he continues to make steady improvements. He is really excited for Spring Break next week and a trip to Colorado Springs to see his Grandmother (Gigi) and cousins.

Most recently Reese took 4 steps unassisted for the first time since surgery and has enjoyed swim class with Caden on Saturday mornings. Check out the videos!

January 23rd 2022 marked the 2 year anniversary of the Rainbow Parade @ Mann Elementary to welcome Reese back to school from treatment. Each day we take Reese to school and Tisha and I both think about all the hard work and coordination that went into that special day. Reese is fortunate to have the love and support from the Mann Elementary Staff, Parents and Students.

Wishing you all the best!

Reese, Anthony, Tisha and Caden

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Kelley Clink
Kelley Clink

Way to go Reese!! You and Caden are both better swimmers than me, lol.


Awesome news!! Keep up the hard work Reese. Hope you enjoy your Spring break and cousin time. I know everyone will be glad to see y'all!

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