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Reese Horse Therapy

Reese and Caden have been taking riding lessons at Freedom Woods in Morton Grove. Riding and caring for a horse is amazing physical, occupational and emotion therapy for Reese. They have such a strong connection with their horses. Freedom Woods employees and volunteers created such a safe and enjoyable environment for both boys.

Reese got to spend time with his favorite horse Dama. I’ve told some of you this story but when Reese went to visit the stables, Dama stuck her head out of the stall and put her head down to great him. Reese moved on to continue the tour and Dama called to him and wanted him to come back. Kim, who manages the horses at Freedom Woods said that Dama never does this to anyone, and is usually stand-off’ish. From then on, Dama and Reese have been riding almost every weekend.

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